'This leaves students with no one,' Mc Nary High School student Kimberly Schott wrote in the petition.

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Instead, the students must find a way to be sneaky and hide so they don't get reported, which could lead to several more issues.' She said she found out about the rule when her health teacher voiced frustrations, and said her teacher was so frustrated because that reporting applies to teachers who find out about their high-school-aged children who are having sex.

They even took the petition to the state capitol on Monday to protest the law, which Govus said is the right thing to do.

Govus said that teachers now fear that if they don't report they could lose their jobs, so they are planning to follow the law. A Child Protective Services spokeswoman, Deborah Carnaghi,' told the Journal that her department considers reporting a 'rather-be-safe-than-sorry approach,' regardless of the consequences that it could have for their students.

However, Govus argued that reporting doesn't mean the department will follow up, and said that each case is looked at individually before a school is visited.

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Other school districts in the state don't seem to follow that law as closely as the Salem-Keizer district.

Teachers were told that they are being held to this standard at the district's annual mandatory reporting training in October.

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