Sir David, who was chief executive of the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority between August 2005 and April 2006 - at the height of the troubles in Mid Staffordshire - and is now head of the NHS Commissioning Board, has ignored calls for his resignation.

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Silenced: Mr Walker received the hush money to prevent him going public with his fears that the 'target culture' at the trust that manages three hospitals including Lincoln County Hospital, could cost lives He said Dame Barbara Hakin, who was then head of the East Midlands strategic health authority and is now national director for commissioning development at the NHS Commissioning Board, ordered him to meet the national targets regardless of money to prevent him going public with his fears that the ‘target culture’ at the United Lincolnshire Hospitals trust could cost lives - and was reportedly threatened with legal action because of an interview he gave to BBC Radio 4 this morning.

Sir David said last week he was ‘not ashamed’ to remain in his job despite calls to quit from relatives of those who died because of his failure to take action during his time as a regional watchdog seven years ago.'Following concerns about the Trust in 2009, Dame Catherine Elcoat, the SHA's Director of Nursing carried out a full review into the quality of services.

Other Neoglacial advances dated here match the timing of previously described Alpine Neoglacial events. At Rateau Glacier, discordant results are thought to reflect exhumation and snow cover of the shortest moraine boulders.

Our results also suggest that a Neoglacial maximum occurred at Etages Glacier 0.9 ka ago, i.e. Overall, this study highlights the need to combine several sites to develop robust Neoglacial glacier chronologies in order to take into account the variability in moraine deposition pattern and landform obliteration and conservation.

Kemba is a Bronx, New York native and has had plenty of success at Madison Square Garden dating back to his college days at UConn.

The Knicks would surely have to relinquish Frank Ntilikina in the deal, as well as their own first round pick in 2018, but it is a bullet they would likely bite given that the tag team of Kemba and Kristaps would instantly be one of the more dynamic duos in the NBA.

The Lakers are close to being in panic mode right now as the Lonzo Ball pick is blowing up in their face and the franchise has done absolutely nothing in terms of showing that it is serious about being able to place elite talent around Le Bron James this summer.

Right now, it’s a better bet that Le Bron would re-sign in Cleveland or jump to the Houston Rockets instead of signing with the Lakers – which has been rumored for months.

Los Angeles desperately needs a proven, veteran All-Star already on its roster when it goes to give Le Bron a pitch in a few months.