The most consistent part of the cycle is the second half after you ovulate.

No matter how long or short the cycle, you will get your next period around 12 to 14 days later.

The day of conception depends on: An obvious fact is you cannot conceive until you ovulate; therefore, the most likely date of conception is on the day of ovulation, if there is sperm around.

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To work out the length of your menstrual cycle, count from the day your period normally starts to the day before your next period. REMEMBER: This date is just an estimate; only about 4% of babies are born on their due date.

Your first trimester will be from conception to thirteen weeks and six days.

Your second trimester is from 14 weeks to 27 weeks and six days.

At your dating scan, otherwise known as your 12 week scan, your midwife will be able to give you a more accurate guide to your due date.

You will normally have a dating scan between 10-14 weeks pregnant.

If your cycles are regular, to estimate the day you most likely ovulated: If you have a consistent 28-day menstrual cycle, you most likely ovulated and conceived on day 14.

However, you could have conceived on day 12 or 13 if ovulation was earlier, or days 15 or 16 if later.

There are various ways to estimate the day of ovulation.

You can estimate your date of ovulation and conception from the length of your menstrual cycle if this is fairly regular.

Due dates based on high-tech ultrasounds will help doctors in deciding things like when to induce or to administer steroids or other drugs in at-risk pregnancies.